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Steady Stream Hydrology & Joey's Fly Fishing Foundation

Steady Stream Hydrology, Inc. (SSH) and Joey’s Flyfishing Foundation, (JFF) are two, very unique organizations striving to mentor youth in our small-town, Sheridan-Wyoming community.


However, we have decided our imprint is far more impactful when we work together. This is where our strategic partnership has become beneficial and the meaning of holding hands has brought us more hope than ever.

SSH & JFF's Shared Mission

Since the inception of Joey’s (non-profit), in 2007, SSH has supported their mission to mentor students of all ages by developing confidence, patience, and respect through the art of fly-fishing.

Since then, we have provided students, and all-age participants, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors through fly fishing with qualified mentors.


Not only has it built tight-knit, long-lasting relationships, but has allowed each individual to gain self-confidence which carries over into their everyday lives.


About Tina Krueger from Steady Stream Hydrology

Tina Krueger.jpeg

I, Tina Krueger, Principal/owner of SSH, and Conservation Director for JFF, believe wholeheartedly in the power of presence. Because of this, my efforts continue to support the genuine/welcoming atmosphere at Joey’s where we can spend time getting to really know another individual.


I have gratefully been a loyal donor/sponsor/volunteer for JFF for over 10 years and have thrived professionally where our two businesses are finding their unmatched crossover.

How SSH & JFF Compliment Each Other

Over the years,  JFF continued to use programs like fly rod building, fly tying, and flyfishing to mentor our youth, we knew there was a missing link between these and our connection to the environment.


The kids were learning how to be patient and respect each other, but what about the precious resource of water where they were actually fly-fishing?


Is it not important enough to deserve the same attention?


It became evident that we needed to be a good example of stewardship. Our link is the kids: stewards.

How Students Will Benefit From SSH & JFF

With expertise in restoring rivers/wetlands/floodplains, SSH complimented this ‘missing piece for the Foundation. There are key components to learning how to properly observe, assess, analyze, restore and monitor river systems.


This is where SSH really begins to fill the gap. Our hope is participants will have access to instructional materials and attend classes pertaining to ecology, hydrology, biology and aquatic entomology. Learning these basic criteria, in classes through our new Conservation Program, creates a steward. 


Ultimately, by combining the art of fly fishing and naturally being aware of the surroundings as you are in the act of fly fishing, we are reinforcing what it truly means to be a steward. 


Together SSH and JFF continue cast for a better, sustainable future!

Joey's Fly Fishing Foundation - Joey & T

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