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Steady Stream Hydrology, Inc provides comprehensive management of rivers, watersheds, and riparian areas nationwide.  Based in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming, the professionals at Steady Stream offer specialized expertise in stream restoration and assessment using Natural Channel Design concepts.

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The Steady Stream Hydrology team includes a diverse and experienced group of professionals who have been actively engaged in the areas of assessment and restoration of river systems in Wyoming and neighboring states for decades.

All Steady Stream team members have extensive training, knowledge, and experience in the Rosgen Stream Channel Classification System and the natural channel design approach to stream restoration.  Using procedures developed by Dr. David Rosgen, SSH utilizes field data to develop mathematical relationships between real-world stream parameters.


In 2018, after working at Steady Stream Hydrology, Inc. for almost 15 years, Tina bought the company from her long-time mentor and friend Cheryl Harrelson.

After graduating from the Watershed Science program at Colorado State University, Cheryl Harrelson worked with the U.S. Forest Service. During her time at the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Cheryl began in-depth study of natural channel dynamics with Luna Leopold. Dr. Leopold, the former Chief Hydrologist for the US Geologic Survey, remains a pioneer in the field of hydrology. His emphasis on data collection led Cheryl to write the paper, “Stream Channel Reference Sites: An Illustrated Guide to Field Technique.” Cheryl attended the original “Rivers and Operational Hydrology” course taught by Dr. Leopold together with David Rosgen, and she later completed all levels of Dr. Rosgen’s river courses.

Owner/Principal Hydrologist

Tina’s knowledge and understanding of design, permitting, and construction of wetland, riparian and stream restoration projects using natural channel design concepts allows her to work well with other professional entities including federal agencies, private landowners, contractors, and the public. Her collaborative efforts in this way produce reliable working relationships to smoothly complete projects while following regulatory policies and applying best land management practices.
She enjoys working outdoors, educating people about plant and animal life both aquatic and terrestrial. Her knowledge in the Natural Channel Design Concept for restoration of rivers, Wetland Habitat Delineation, and of course, her hobby of fly fishing reinforces SSH’s goal to provide comprehensive management and education of rivers, wetlands, watersheds, and riparian areas.

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